Face Your Enemy

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Brian Kight

Your biggest enemy is not your circumstances, competitors, or perceived limitations. Circumstances are not out to get you. They don't even know about you. Competitors are more concerned with their interests than with you. Perceived limitations are usually overblown, and besides, on the other side of every limitation is a unique advantage.

Those things might present occasional obstacles, but they're not your biggest enemy. Your biggest enemy is your Lower Self.

The particular problems your Lower Self presents are the short-term satisfaction it promises and the persuasive way it talks to you. Its most potent attributes are its constant presence and perpetual resilience. It never tires, rarely relents, and always comes with a compelling offer.

But your Lower Self can't create solutions for the issues you're dealing with right now. Everything you want to elevate in your life, whether solving problems, recovering from mistakes, or fulfilling your purpose, requires your Higher Self. Your Lower Self is simply incapable.

The incredible realization – when you're ready to acknowledge it – is that your Higher Self also resides within you, just as accessible and readily available as your Lower Self. You've acted from both and experienced the consequences. Just as your Lower Self has a voice, your Higher Self also has a voice. Just as your Lower Self pulls at you, your Higher Self also pulls at you.

The voice and pull of your Lower Self can be strong, but with a bit of extra intention, disciplined training, and courage to change, you can make the voice and pull of your Higher Self 100x stronger than your Lower Self.

You're not going to eliminate your Lower Self. Please recognize that early on and understand it. It is a forever battle and part of our shared experience.

My desire is to call your attention to this internal struggle we all face and let you know that you're not alone in fighting this inner battle. 

My responsibility is to reignite or reinforce your discipline to choose and act from your Higher Self. 

My hope is that you learn to believe so intensely in your Higher Self that it moves your heart, energizes your mind, and fills you with an irresistible urge to see it not only realized but maximized.

The obstacles, however, are real. Many are external. Most are internal. If you're going to get what you want out of life, you need more of your Higher Self and less of your Lower Self.

You must be able to identify and overcome the obstacles you'll face. Tomorrow we'll work through some of the biggest ones.

The time is now. Do the work.

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