Life Inside Out: Part 5

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Brian Kight


Such a simple idea. Such a complex reality. Such a difficult effort.

If we announced our relationship status with truth the way people do on Facebook, the most common description would be, "It's complicated."

Imagine for a moment that you are the sole owner of more truth than anyone else in a particular field, your field, for example. To borrow a phrase from Dee Hock, you have "cornered the market on truth."

Even if you had this invented access to immense and profound truth, you'd have two fundamental challenges. The first is getting people to believe you. They already think they know the truth.

Moving people to act on those truths is the second challenge. If you doubt that at all, look at the masses of people today who essentially ignore established truths already.

Now, reverse the scenario. Other people possess deep, relevant truths, and you are a potential receiver. The challenge is the same. They would first need to convince you to believe them. This would involve at least some discarding of truths you currently hold and some loss of truths you desperately want to be accurate but aren't.

And the most challenging part, by far, would be successfully getting you to align your life with those truths. That's already the hardest part for you right now, isn't it?

All this is to prime you for two requests today:

I'm asking you to observe and evaluate your relationship with truth and set your standard for what relationship you want and choose to have with it.

Not just the truths you enjoy. Not just the comforting and validating truths. All truths. The painful. The awkward. The devastating. The inconvenient. The inverse. The unfamiliar. The unpopular.

You are the only one who can do this for your life. None of us will ever corner the market on truth. Each of us can, however, commit to pursue the truth, build an honest and productive relationship with it, and discipline ourselves to align our lives with what we discover.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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