Stuck On A Dirt Road

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Brian Kight

The road of successful execution is paved with discipline no matter what objective you pursue or what destination you choose.

Great talent with average discipline is like driving a Ferrari off-road. The car is a tremendous machine. It’s expertly equipped and has a capable driver behind the wheel. Yes, in this analogy you are the Ferrari and the driver. I absolutely believe that’s what you are.

All that is irrelevant though if you insist on driving your Ferrari off-road. It will never be efficient or maximized down that road and probably won’t make it at all.

That’s what it means to possess your talents, with a mind of your capability, living in this time of opportunity and not pave your road with discipline. Lack of discipline neutralizes all your advantages, natural or acquired, because you just won’t execute up to the level you need.

You have two choices: change your car or pave your road.

If you change your car to meet your road, then you adjust your desires, expectations, and sources of fulfillment to better fit low levels of willingness to act with discipline. Do not choose to drive off-road then blame the dirt, ditches, bumps, boulders, and general lack of direction for why you aren’t getting anywhere efficiently or not ending up where you want to go.

If you pave your road to let your Ferrari perform up to its capacity, then you increase your willingness to act with discipline and maximize your advantages. You pave a road with discipline that will leverage all your capabilities and steer you in a direction that will end up where you want to go as efficiently as possible.

Discipline is the source of execution and the path of efficiency. Pave your road with discipline and hammer the gas pedal.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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