Looking For Deeper Answers

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Brian Kight

Whatever you’re wrestling with in your head or your heart right now, at the core of that issue is your discipline. Not the rigid, forced, compliance-driven behavior that everyone confuses for discipline. Real discipline. Internal discipline. Your discipline.

The kind of discipline we’ve defined and discussed here since we started this platform four years ago.

The discipline of being honest of your real intentions.
The discipline of being clear on your real purpose.
The discipline of being responsible for what's in your control.
The discipline of upholding high standards.
The discipline of putting in intense effort.
The discipline of applying deserving skill.

This is the daily discipline that transforms a life through its presence or through its absence.

Each of us is looking for answers. Part of the answers you're looking for are logical and tactical, but it’s a small part by comparison. Because a plan doesn’t execute. A person does.

Most of the answers to the issues you’re wrestling with, including all of the most essential parts, are mental, emotional, deeply personal, and surprisingly relational.

These answers are only discovered in the depths of your discipline. Until you uncover that, immerse yourself in it, experience it, and align yourself with it, you’re barely scratching the surface.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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