No fear of new strategies

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Brian Kight

Trying new approaches to things like diet, routine, relationships, or other core life activities can trigger resistance for fear of getting it wrong. I view it instead as an adventure of trial and error.

I'm not good enough at anything to justify an unwillingness to try something new. There is nothing in my life so precious that I must resist an initiative or temptation to bring change to it. Everything is on trial. Everything is fair game.

I'm not afraid of new approaches not working. It's not like everything in my life was perfect until I screwed it up by trying something new. My life is messy. It's already imperfect. Trying new things is a way to refine myself. It's not a threat to some perfected balance I pretend to have. It's a way to sharpen my discipline, demonstrate my humility, and improve my life.

An excellent way to get started is to identify one or two areas of your life with room for improvement. It can be anything. Just make sure it's something that is already not ideal. This is the place to start because your existing strategy, or lack thereof, is already not working how you want. That means you can confidently try a new strategy without fear of getting it wrong.

If it's already not right, don't continue with the same strategy. Instead, use a new approach and execute it with fully committed discipline. Of course, there's no guarantee the new plan will work, but there is a guarantee your current strategy doesn't work, right?

This approach not only satisfies the rational you, it also solves the emotional you. Any time you can follow logic that eases anxiety and opens new opportunities, jump in with both feet and no fear.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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