Set the stage for a great week!

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Brian Kight

I like to start the week off with an exercise. A quick way to engage your mind, spark your imagination, and turn on your intentionality.

Let’s use an E+R=O exercise to kick off this week.

  1. Write down three outcomes you will prioritize this week:
    1. One that is relatively easily achievable, you just have to do it.
    2. One that will require creativity and devoted time.
    3. One that will be an important step toward a much bigger outcome.
  2. Write down three events you expect to encounter this week:
    1. A routine.
    2. A disruption.
    3. An opportunity.
  3. Write down three responses you will focus on this week:
    1. A response that requires courage.
    2. A response that requires empathy.
    3. A response that requires positive energy.

This sets the stage for a good start to a great week.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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