Step out of the dream. Step into the arena.

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Brian Kight

There are two kinds of people: those who go after what they want and those who don’t. You’re one or the other. You get to decide.

Everyone wants. Everyone dreams of things. Everyone envisions what they might be able to attain, accomplish, and experience. We all imagine what’s possible for us.

Here is where people begin to separate.

One group of people gives their best effort to earn what they want. They’re not deterred by low probabilities, chained to their circumstances, or held back by their fear. These people demonstrate the courage to do what so many others are simply unwilling to do: try with total commitment to create what they envision.

The other group of people gives weak or no effort. When their wants and dreams encounter resistance in the form of low probabilities, fear, or discomfort, they invent reasons not to try. If they do try, they invent reasons not to commit and, eventually, reasons to quit.

The biggest difference between people so often is not the size of their dreams but their willingness to step into the arena and pursue them. Sometimes it’s the only difference.

The future isn’t written, and neither is your part in it. You’re still writing it daily through your aims and pursuits, choices and actions, courage and commitment.

In one version of your future, you go after what you want with discipline. In the other, you don’t.

You have to decide which kind of person you’ll be, the one who tries or the one who doesn’t.

The time is now. Do the work.

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