The Core Priorities Disciplined People Put First

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Brian Kight

A major difference I notice between people is what they prioritize. Anything can be a priority. It depends on what we make a priority. We can’t make time, but we do choose priorities, and they determine how we use our time.

Those living from discipline choose different priorities than those living on default.

People living on default prioritize things like:

  • Maintaining comfort
  • Minimizing effort
  • Being entertained
  • Serving ego
  • Gaining power

All of us living from discipline prioritize different things, primarily these five:

  • Improve our health
  • Increase our wealth
  • Deepen our fulfillment
  • Elevate our performance
  • Strengthen our relationships

The order isn’t the same for each of us. You may prioritize certain relationships above your fulfillment. Someone else might prioritize their health over their performance.

The point is that what we prioritize is one of our most significant unseen advantages. Prioritize like the majority of people living from default, and you will join them on the mountain of average.

What are you prioritizing, what value are those priorities delivering, and where are they taking you?

The time is now. Do the work.

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