The Easiest Way To Make Important Daily Decisions

Image of Brian Kight
Brian Kight

You’re already aware that the starting point for improving anything is by making better decisions. But how often does the decision-making process wear you down? There’s a mental fatigue that comes from wrestling with your decisions.

That’s why rules of thumb, or heuristics, are helpful. They help us make good decisions by giving us quick and simple guidelines to follow.

What decisions to make and how to consistently make them requires energy. Constantly wrestling with these daily decisions is like carrying extra mental weight and burning valuable energy. The consequence is you feel exhausted before you even act and eventually start avoiding the decisions because you’re running in circles in your own mind.

Here’s a rule of thumb to make better decisions, faster, with less effort, and more confidence.

Whenever trying to decide between two or more courses of action, choose the highest standard option.

You can’t see the future. You will make mistakes. Much of the analyzing and debating you do in your own mind is either unnecessary or doesn’t lead to better decisions. You can’t guarantee the success of a decision. You control the quality of the decision. 

When you find yourself debating a decision or catch yourself hesitating, choose the higher standard and go. Not only will it produce better results but you’ll be more comfortable with your mistakes

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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