Today’s behavior skill is: FOCUS

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Brian Kight

Two quick recaps of the standards here to set the expectation for our approach this month.

First, if you want to build a skill, improve your situation, or become elite, the absolute best approach is to do simple things with elite discipline. That’s what we’re going to do. Simplify and execute.

Second, I’m introducing you to an exclusive structure I use in my life, but rarely discuss publicly. It’s been so valuable for me that I feel compelled to share it with you. The best version of me only happens when three things align.

  • Self-awareness. Know myself.

  • Self-discipline. Control myself.

  • Self-confidence. Believe in myself.

When these three qualities are present and aligned, the best version of me is unleashed. When they’re not, if even one is missing or neglected, I act as an average, or worse, version of myself.

Now on to FOCUS:

Focus is primarily the management of attention and attention is a limited resource. Giving attention to one thing limits or excludes the attention you can give another.

The simple skill of focus is choosing to give attention only to things that matter, investing it as a precious resource, and refusing attention to things that don’t matter, however tempting, popular, or common they may be.

Self-awareness. Know yourself.

What’s important to you? Does your focus and attention match what you say matters to your life? In the moment, do you need narrow detailed focus or wide perspective focus? Bring the right kind of focus to each context.

Self-discipline. Control yourself.

Focus is chosen moment to moment in both the direction of your attention and the depth. Prepare: unimportant things will capture your attention for many reasons. When you realize you’ve been captured, and it just isn’t important, detach your focus and direct it somewhere more valuable.

Self-confidence. Believe in yourself.

You can’t pay attention to everything and that’s ok because most things don’t need your attention. Remember, attention is a limited resource. Invest it where YOU want. Only where you want.

Do the work.

PS - Here’s what you can look forward to on the schedule for the rest of this month.

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Dec 6: Energy
Dec 7: Observation
Dec 10: Humility
Dec 11: Empathy
Dec 12: Listening
Dec 13: Integrity
Dec 14: Emotion
Dec 17: Assertiveness
Dec 18: Flexibility
Dec 19: Saying no
Dec 20: Risk Management
Dec 21: Honesty
Dec 24: Influence
Dec 25: Forgiveness
Dec 26: Decision making
Dec 27: Nonverbals
Dec 28: Patience
Dec 31: Persistence

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