What to do with problems you can’t solve.

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Brian Kight

When we experience problems, we try to be problem-solvers. However, not every situation is solvable. Problems we can’t “fix” are not only frustrating, they’re often confusing and debilitating. What are we supposed to do with problems we can’t solve?

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Every problem has an answer, even when it doesn’t have a solution.

The three big challenges with answers to unsolvable problems are:

  1. Willingness to work hard looking for answers.
  2. Not liking the answers.
  3. Accepting and aligning with answers that aren’t solutions.

Not every problem has an ideal solution, but every situation has answers for responding as effectively as possible.

  1. Are you looking for effective answers, or are you looking for the answers you like? Those may be different things.
  2. When you find the answer, but it’s uncomfortable, do you accept it and do it?

The time is now. Do the work.

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