What’s required? (Part 2 of 2)

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Brian Kight

Think of something you want to accomplish but haven’t yet.

A goal you want to achieve.
A problem you want to solve.
A level you want to reach.
A dream you want to live.
A version of yourself you want to become.

Now, think of what’s required of you to achieve it.

You feel a certain way about those requirements. It wouldn’t be surprising if you feel intimidated by whatever requirements you envision. That’s normal. It wouldn’t be surprising if you feel confident or anxious, doubtful or excited. You might feel all that at once. Those are normal feelings.

The requirements are one piece of the puzzle. How you feel about the requirements is the bigger, more crucial piece of the puzzle you must resolve.

To do that thing you imagined requires choices. It requires actions and skills, strategies and tactics, disciplines and commitments. How you feel about those requirements shapes not only how you do it but whether you do it at all.

How often do you know what’s required but don’t do it because of how you feel about doing it? You let your feelings about it block you from doing it or doing it with the best of your discipline and commitment.

You know what you want to accomplish. You know much of what’s required. You know the feelings inside you stopping you from doing what’s needed.

People who create what they desire figure out how to change their feelings about the requirements or how to do it despite their feelings. They do not wait to feel like it and do not expect to feel comfortable doing all of it. They create the feelings they need or set their feelings aside to do what they must. 

You will have feelings about what’s required to achieve what you want. That is certain. What’s uncertain is what you’ll do when your feelings stand in your way.

When you sense your feelings holding you back, adjust them or set them aside to do what’s required.

Remember, you have to choose between two paths. Do what’s required to create the result you want even though parts of it are uncomfortable. Or do what feels comfortable even though it won’t create the result you want.

Brick by brick. Do the work.

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