Which Voice Do You Listen To?

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Brian Kight

There are many voices in your life. None are more important than your voice. Your internal voice is the most influential voice you will ever hear. Other voices have the power to persuade, encourage, and enlighten, but your internal voice is the authority. It always will be. No external voice comes close to the influence and impact of your internal voice. No matter how credible, well-meaning, and influential.

Your internal voice is the:

  • author of your experiences
  • creator of your meaning
  • origin of your emotions
  • shaper of your reality
  • filter of your truth

When your internal voice believes or reinforces something, it trumps every other input, even when your internal voice is completely wrong. And yes, it is completely wrong more than you may be prepared to admit.

It’s easy listen to and follow the lead of the wrong voice. External voices of society, tradition, popular figures, or people in your life carry weight. More often though, the detrimental voice people listen to and follow is their own. It wears different faces and goes by many names, but it’s always the same voice: The critic. The doubter. The comparer. The discounter. The rationalizer. The excuser. The judger. The reacter.

How aware are you of the voice you’re following? How disciplined are you in following the right voice? How confident are you that the voice you’re following is leading you where you want to go?

The voice to follow is not the one telling you why you can’t or shouldn’t. It’s the one calling you to a higher standard and harder work in pursuit of a meaningful mission.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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