Work through your highs and lows

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Brian Kight

Discipline is variable, not fixed.

In some areas, it's stronger. In others, it's weaker.
On some days, you're confident. On others, you're doubtful.
During some periods, you prioritize it. During others, you don't.

Your discipline fluctuates just like most aspects of yourself.

The reason to train your discipline is the same reason to train your muscles. It needs strength, flexibility, endurance, skill, and recovery. 

Muscles need weekly, if not daily, training and proper nutrition to meet the demands of your lifestyle, goals, and longevity. Even with intentional and consistent training, the status of your muscles will fluctuate because your body is a complex system responding to internal and external factors.

Discipline is the same.

Train your discipline to meet the demands of your lifestyle, goals, and longevity, and expect variability. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn something, improve yourself, and prepare for your future.

The time is now. Do the work.

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