You’re not who you were 20 years ago

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I grew up in an era when adults were confident that GenX was devoid of responsibility and would amount to nothing at all. Then GenX grew up and transitioned into adult life: they married, got mortgages, had kids, and pursued professional interests.

Not to worry. A new generation of Millennials took their place. For a while, it was acceptable -- even fashionable -- to not only complain about them but blame them for many of society's ills. Then what happened? You guessed it! They grew and transitioned into adult life like GenX and every generation before.

Age, experience, and perspective change our fundamental understanding of the world. What we often don't appreciate is:

  1. How much they change our understanding.
  2. The process every person and generation must go through to gain that understanding.

I did not understand the world at 20 years old like I do now. And no matter how much anyone tried to change how I saw the world then, I had to go through my own experiences to gain my current understanding.

I'm a husband now and a father of two young kids. I own and run a business. I've hired and fired people, chosen to leave a family business, and lost close friends to cancer, ego, and the indifferent cycles of life.

My understanding of the world is the combination of who I am, what I've experienced, who is around me, and where I direct my attention. My understanding of the world 20 years from now will be different than it is today because of what happens with all of those things between now and then.

Age, experience, and perspective change understanding. That process is always in motion but never in a rush. We can't push it too far beyond the borders of the stage it's in.

Everything happens in its season. Help people be great in the season they're living and prepare for the next season, but don't be in too much of a hurry. Once the season is gone, it's gone forever.

The time is now. Do the work.

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