Are you harnessing the power of “What if?”

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Brian Kight

Imagination is powerful. It colors the mind with vivid inventions, curious scenarios, and possibility beyond reality.

Imagination has no limits, no barriers, no inherent constraints. It has endless horsepower without a built-in governor. It entertains the impossible as if it were possible in one moment and the possible as if it were impossible in the next.

So, when imagination fuels your dreams, creativity, and problem-solving, it is an unrivaled asset.

But when imagination fuels your fears, doubts, and insecurities, it is an unrelenting liability.

It seamlessly switches between these two modes. You’ll imagine a crucial conversation going well and resolving a troubling issue, only to wonder what a particular facial expression meant and develop a discreet anxiety about all the negative things it could mean.

Imagination will lift you above the clouds, then drown you in the bottom of the deepest ocean. It is the light and the dark.

Discipline is the muscle that encourages your imagination to lift you into the light and restrains your imagination when it’s drowning you in the dark.

The time is now. Do the work.

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