Can you pass the “Desire/Pursuit” test?

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Brian Kight

Consider the relationship between your desires and your pursuits. Slow down your mind. Quiet your inner voice. Don't hustle through this. Breathe, focus, and reflect.

Are you pursuing only those things you inherently desire? Or have you conditioned yourself to want what you're influenced to pursue?

Sometimes two opposites are both true at the same time. Your desires shape the things you pursue, and the things you pursue shape your desires.

As part of your reflection, ask yourself a few critical questions:

  • What am I really pursuing?
  • Why am I pursuing that?
  • What's the real objective driving that pursuit in me?
  • What does attaining or achieving that actually provide?
  • What happens once I attain or achieve that?

So often, our attention and effort shift from the purpose of a pursuit (make money so my family and I can live securely and happily) to the object of a pursuit (make more money to have more money).

When the object of a pursuit replaces the purpose of it, you are lost. You are no longer pursuing an inherent desire but instead desiring a thing because you are pursuing it. (like money)

Investigate this in yourself. Reflect on it. Dig down into the core within you and separate your inherent desires from your conditioned ones, your worthy pursuits from your empty ones.

You only have so much attention, time, and energy. Invest these precious resources in pursuits that lift your heart, strengthen your mind, and feed your soul.

The time is now. Do the work.

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