Controllables vs. Uncontrollables

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Brian Kight

At this point, everyone has heard the phrase “control the controllables.” While true, it now resides on the heap of clichés that get discarded faster than wrapping paper on Christmas morning. 

What are the controllables? What are the uncontrollables?

Here are six relevant combinations of controllables vs. uncontrollables:

Uncontrollable: your preferences.
Controllable: your flexibility.

Uncontrollable: your past.
Controllable:  your perspective.

Uncontrollable: your talent.
Controllable: your skill development.

Uncontrollable: other people’s attitude.
Controllable: your attitude.

Uncontrollable: what other people think of you.
Controllable: how you show up.

Uncontrollable: your timeline.
Controllable: your effort and patience.

Now create a list of three additional controllables vs. uncontrollables relevant to you and your life.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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