Dream Big and Make It Happen: Part 2

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Brian Kight

You have a responsibility to pursue your dreams. An undeniable, unshakable, unquestionable responsibility. Whether or not you will eventually make your dreams happen is not knowable. If we knew that, they wouldn't be dreams. They would be pre-determined destinies.

  • This is not fate. This is free will.
  • This is not opportunity. This is responsibility.
  • This is not consideration. This is conviction.

Dreams tend to intimidate the dreamer. Of course they do! The more intimidating your dreams feel the greater responsibility you have to pursue them. The fear and tension you feel from an intimidating dream signal its importance. 

When you pursue a dream, you don't know what will happen. You don't know when things will happen or how they will happen. The only thing you know for absolute certain is that you have a responsibility to try.

A responsibility, you might ask? Yes, a responsibility.

If it's not your responsibility to pursue your dreams and make them happen, then whose responsibility is it?

It's unacceptable to ignore your dreams. That is disrespectful to your life and the people who invest in you. 

It's unacceptable to dabble with your dreams. That is undisciplined and almost certain to create disappointment in your current situation and anxiety about the unfulfilled dream.

It's unacceptable to expect someone else to take responsibility for your dreams. That is irresponsible to your dreams and your relationships.

As with all responsibilities, you either pull them close or push them away. You embrace them or reject them, fulfill them or abandon them. It's even more true for your biggest dreams. 

Your dreams are your dreams for a reason. They have purpose. They carry personal meaning. They contain uniquely powerful energy. However, you can't harness that purpose, give life to that meaning, and tap into that energy unless you activate your responsibility.

Do not let your dreams wither and fade away because you sat on the sidelines, delayed, or preferred to dream it rather than do it.

Fulfill your responsibility. Not because it is your fate. Because it is your choice.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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