Life Inside Out: Part 2

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Brian Kight

There are two mental approaches to life: "I choose" or "I should."

The difference in words is only a few letters. The difference in life is everything.

You are on the ultimate adventure. Act like it. Remind and encourage yourself to honor and maximize this gift you possess. Don't squander your life complying with every directive, well intended or not, of what you should do.

"I should" follows the expectations of others.
"I choose” follows the calling of your heart.

"I should" is someone else's plan.
"I choose" is your path.

"I should" is what someone else wants.
"I choose" is what you need.

"I should" is worried what 'they' will think.
"I choose" lets them think what they will.

"I should" obeys phony rules from a faceless authority.
"I choose" establishes strong standards in pursuit of who they want to become.

"I should" is concerned with perception and judgment.
"I choose" is concerned with fulfillment and excellence.

"I should" lets someone else author your life.
"I choose" is to insist on authoring your own life.

"I should" is a slow death through obedience.
"I choose" is a full life through discipline.

Live according to what fulfills you, what makes your heart and mind full of life, joy, wonder, and mystery. Feed that hunger inside you. Because if this is not what guides your heart and mind, you are allowing yourself to follow the path of how other people think life should be lived. That's not yours. It's not a life of your design but someone else's.

Remove every should from your mind. When you encounter another one (you'd be surprised how many are hiding in there), discard it as soon as it strikes. Refill your mind brick by brick with choices that bring joy and energy to your heart and mind and fulfillment and excellence to your life.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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