Too Much Friction In The System

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Brian Kight

How often do you see a principle worth following, yet find it difficult to live out effectively in your life? You know the principle is sound, but you discover there are other factors influencing you besides those principles.

I hear this sticking point from a lot of people. I see it in people a lot too. People who get the principle, probably even believe it too, but it’s not active in their lives.

Every worthy principle you put effort into applying gets significantly more challenging once it comes into contact with a friction force.

A friction force is anything within you that slows or stops the disciplined application of a worthy principle. And there’s always a friction force.

Comfort and convenience are big friction forces for people. So are fear and doubt. They create enough friction to slow or stop many valuable mindsets and behaviors from ever taking hold in a meaningful way.

Crucial for dealing with friction forces is to understand that they come from within you and not from the environment or people around you.

Your circumstances are not a friction force, even when they’re full of adversity. Resenting your circumstances would be a friction force if it slows or stops you from taking responsibility.

Someone else is not a friction force, even when they’re difficult to deal with. Anger would be a friction force if it slows or stops you from seeking to understand that person.

In these examples, you can see how the friction forces of resentment and anger come from within and potentially block the application of principles that would be beneficial in exactly those situations.

Explore the friction forces that you experience, when you experience them, and why you think you experience them.

What do you think and feel that slows or stops you from better applying certain valuable principles in your life?

Answer the call. Do the work.

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