Watch what you feel closely

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Brian Kight

Last Wednesday on my YouTube channel I taught a live stream about the simple skill of emotion. I explained how our feelings try to accomplish two primary objectives.

(1) Notify us about something important in our environment or in ourselves. (2) Move us to act.

It’s part of the YouTube LIVE series I’m teaching on 20 Trainable Behavior Skills That Unleash Greatness. The third objective of every emotion, that I didn’t mention on last Wednesday’s live stream, is: (3) Validate and perpetuate its existence.

Once an emotion has been born — anger, joy, guilt, disgust, etc — it believes in itself completely. It seeks anything that confirms and justifies the feeling to stay alive. Even when it’s based on false, shallow, or trivial information. That’s why it’s harder to move past an emotional state than it is to get into one.

Discipline is the shortcut. Do the work.

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