Where are you wrong?

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Brian Kight

We all want to feel confident, but we all know we're not perfect.
We all want to get things right, but we all know we're wrong about some things.

The challenge is to build confidence and act on it while keeping the humility to recognize when we're wrong and correct it. That, however, creates a new challenge. Discovering or admitting we're wrong can undermine our confidence.

Let's acknowledge a few realities:

  1. Confidence is good.
  2. We want to feel confident as much possible.
  3. We're not right about everything.
  4. We don't always know where we're wrong.
  5. We can refuse to acknowledge we're wrong because our confidence blinds or influences us.
  6. Acknowledging we're wrong can undermine confidence.

So consider these two questions as you head into the weekend:

  1. For all the ways you have self-confidence, where are you wrong, and how are you exploring that?
  2. For all the ways you might be wrong, how do you not allow that to lower your self-confidence?

Answer the call. Do the work.

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