Where is your Higher Self needed?

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Brian Kight

Now that we've firmly established you have a Higher Self you can choose or a Lower Self you can give in to, it's time to dive into one specific area of your life where this daily choice plays a massive role.

Massive because it can either deliver the ultimate joy or the ultimate sorrow. What am I talking about?

Your relationships.

Your Lower Self damages relationships. It can irreparably destroy them. Your Higher Self strengthens relationships. It can miraculously save them.

All some relationships need is for one person to act as their better self instead of their lesser self, especially if the other person is operating from their Lower Self.

  • Instead of going low with a sarcastic comment, go high with a caring question.
  • Instead of going low with an emotional reaction, go high with an intentional response.
  • Instead of going low and trying to win, go high and try to align on a shared purpose.
  • Instead of going low and prioritizing personal preference, go high and prioritize the group's needs.

Reacting from your Lower Self invites the other person to join you, reacting from their Lower Self too. Someone else instigating a situation as their Lower Self invites you to react from your Lower Self too. 

Whether starting a conversation, responding to someone else, or joining a conversation in progress, do not perpetuate dysfunction by reacting from your Lower Self. Elevate the conversation and invest in the relationship by responding from your Higher Self.

The time is now. Do the work.

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