You vs Your Fear

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Brian Kight

You read the subject line. You know what we’re going to address: your relationship with fear. You’re reading this today for a reason. You could have seen the headline and skipped it. Something inside you said, “This is for me. I need to read this.” 

Fear will try to persuade you that you’re not ready, even when you are.

Imagine if Winston Churchill had been too afraid to stand up to Hitler’s Nazi machine or too afraid to shoulder the burden of Prime Minister when most of Britain’s leadership saw him as unfit for the position, especially in a time of war.

Fear will try to tell you that you’re not good enough, even when you are.

Imagine if Kerri Strug had been too afraid to attempt her gold medal winning vault on an injured ankle when she knew the whole world was watching.

Fear will try to convince you that you’re not worthy, even when you are.

Imagine if Charles Darwin had been too afraid to publish “On The Origin of Species” when he knew he would be blindly and unfairly ostracized by the public at the time, including his own family.

Fear will try to promise you that you’re not making a difference, even when you are.

Imagine if Harriett Tubman had been too afraid to lead the Underground Railroad when she knew it was illegal and dangerous including the possibility of death or worse.

We all need to address our fears. You need to address your fears. “I already have”, you might think. No. You might have addressed your fears in the past. They change, just like anything else. Address your relationship with fear, which means the fears you face now and will face in the future.

Second only to your relationship with yourself, your relationship with fear is the most important one in your life. That’s because fear always stands between you and the things you value most. All your closest relationships. All your best ideas. All your meaningful work. All your pressing problems. All your biggest opportunities. All the truest versions of you.

When you want to be you, fear wants to fit in. 
When you want to be honest, fear wants to keep quiet.
When you want to change, fear wants to stay the same.
When you want to try, fear wants to stop.
When you want to move forward, fear wants to hold you back.
When you want to rise above, fear wants to drag you down.
When you want to be great, fear wants to accept average.

It’s all You vs Your Fear.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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