Your Imperfections vs Everyone Else’s.

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Brian Kight

We all have flaws. Gaps in reasoning, integrity, empathy, awareness, respect, manners, or just basic consideration. We intellectually accept that not just for ourselves but for everyone else too. There is no perfect person. But emotionally it’s a different story.

How we see our own imperfections can stand in stark contrast to how we see imperfections in others.

“Yes, I have mine but they are much less serious than yours.”

Especially when looking at someone on an opposing side or with a different opinion.

“Mine are just minor with harmless impact. Yours are serious with significant impact.”

Deeper meaning gets assigned.

“My imperfections don’t define me. My overall character does. Your imperfections are a reflection of your overall character.”

Future expectations are made.

“I could improve my imperfections if it really mattered. Your imperfections are not easily correctable because they’re just who you are.”

The natural emotional tendency is to give ourselves more grace for imperfections than we give others. Though at times, I bet your reverse those roles. 

You judge your own imperfections too harshly and doubt your worthiness while giving grace to others and elevating them too high on a pedestal in your mind.

You intellectually accept imperfections but it’s the emotional work that makes the biggest difference in your life.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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