Your purpose comes with unavoidable pain

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Brian Kight

Life is purpose and pain.

There is pain without purpose, but there is no purpose without pain. If it has any purpose, it also comes with pain.

Every relationship contains purpose and pain. All parents know this. Spouses feel it. Young love radiates it. Siblings inherently embody it. 

Leadership almost entirely consists of purpose and pain, with meetings occasionally scheduled around it. (Ironically, the meetings without purpose are the most painful.)

Purpose and pain attach to anything, not just relationships. Attempt to build anything great, create anything meaningful, or achieve anything significant, and you will experience them in full. Unmistakably.

You cannot pursue a purpose that does not involve pain as part of the process. If you try to escape the pain, you will neglect the purpose.

For the disciplined person, purpose transcends pain. The purpose of the mission overrides the pain of the moment.

For the undisciplined person, pain transcends purpose. The pain of the moment overpowers the purpose of the mission.

Don't seek ways to avoid pain. Seek ways to fulfill your purpose.

Serve your purpose with courage. Face the pain. Endure it with a strong backbone and a full heart. The pain serves the purpose.

Brick by brick. Do the work.

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