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I heard something worth sharing with you.

My friend Donnie Ecker, a coach for the Texas Rangers, was recently on the Finding Mastery podcast with Michael Gervais (an excellent episode worth listening to, especially if you coach or lead people).

Donnie shared a compelling thought, "Mastery is the combination of self-awareness and application. Can we be self-aware, and then can we go do it?"

The word mastery feels intimidating to certain people. They associate it with perfection, but it's not perfection. Instead, mastery is a superior understanding, skill, or control of a particular thing.

If I extend Donnie's perspective on mastery, I include discipline and confidence, in addition to awareness, as required elements. Long-time readers will recognize the triad of self-awareness, self-discipline, and self-confidence as our core skills.

When I heard Donnie talk about "the combination of self-awareness and application," I immediately included discipline and confidence as defining qualities of application that turn awareness into action that leads to mastery.

Mastery happens when we convert our self-awareness into self-disciplined and self-confident action that produces superior understanding or skill in a particular topic, situation, or arena.

Anything you want to master will or won't happen at the intersection of your awareness, discipline, and confidence.

The time is now. Do the work.

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