Slow to discipline, slow to excellence

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Brian Kight

I want you to seriously consider adding a new standard to your decisions and actions. You can plug this standard into any and every part of your life, and you can start at any time. I suggest you start right now, but that is up to you.

What standard am I suggesting?

I call this standard: Speed to Disciplined Action.

I define it as: (1) how quickly I can get clarity on the necessary discipline at any moment and (2) how decisively I can engage in that disciplined action. I boost this standard by looking for the MOST disciplined action rather than just a disciplined action.

Sometimes, it takes too long for us to act with discipline. We waste time and miss targets when we're slow to discipline. Needlessly debating with ourselves, searching for some other option, or waiting for issues to solve themselves are clear signs that we're too slow to disciplined action.

We may still do it, but we do it eventually. When we do it eventually, we do it begrudgingly. When we do it begrudgingly, but we do it stressfully.

Try changing your standard. See what happens.

Find the disciplined action and do it decisively, without hesitation or internal debate. Stop deliberating. Do it as soon as you recognize it. Stop overthinking. Do the disciplined thing immediately. Stop avoiding. Get into discipline right now, not later. It's worth asking: what are you waiting for anyway?

Late discipline is better than no discipline but leaves much to be desired.

Speed to Disciplined Action solves problems, achieves goals, lowers anxiety, and builds confidence.

The time is now. Do the work.

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