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Brian Kight

I have a challenge for you. It's a simple one.

This challenge is only to serve your purpose and benefit you. That doesn't mean others won't benefit as a byproduct, but it's for you.

This challenge delivers four primary rewards:

  1. Turn a weak point into an advantage.
  2. Release pent-up stress and anxiety you've been carrying.
  3. Boost your energy and confidence.
  4. Accelerate progress toward a meaningful objective.

Your challenge is:

Do at least ONE, up to THREE, obvious things you've been avoiding within two days of reading this. (That means before the weekend for most of you reading this on Thursday)

Simple, right?

Here's why I like this challenge.

  1. We have a pattern of avoiding the obvious when it's awkward, uncomfortable, and embarrassing.
  2. The obvious things are the most important to do with discipline.
  3. We overlook and undervalue the obvious because we think it "can't be that easy" or is "easier said than done."
  4. You must acknowledge the obvious without excuses or rationalizations.
  5. You must act on it immediately without excuses or rationalizations.

I would LOVE to hear what you're doing with this challenge if you're willing to share.

Do the most obvious thing. You'll thank yourself.

Time is now. Do the work.

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