From Defiance to Discipline

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Brian Kight

We can understand basic behavior patterns through the lens of four approaches ranging from Defiance to Discipline.

This will help many of you understand and better control specific behavior patterns. You can overlay this simple structure onto your life anytime and immediately enhance your self-awareness and confidence.

Others of you will discover more value in using this structure with your team and how you lead.

Pick any behavior, standard, or responsibility and ask yourself which of these four approaches you apply to it:

Defiance = I refuse to do it.
Obedience = I do it if an authority tells me to.
Compliance = I do it if the rules require it.
Discipline = I choose to do it on my own.

I like to pre-determine which approach I'm committed to for any behavior that might cross my path. That way, when the moment arrives, I'm putting into practice the strategy I've already decided.

I'm defiant, obedient, compliant, and disciplined. But more importantly, I'm self-aware and strategic about when to be each and when not to be.

The time is now. Do the work.

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