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Yesterday I introduced the “Four T’s” of faster skill building: talent, teaching, training, and time. Today let’s look at four zones of the skill-building process.

Order matters here. Wanting and trying to skip zones slows you down and undermines your biggest goals. Working and advancing zone-by-zone speeds you up and progresses toward your biggest goals.

Zone 1: Do it.

  • Are you doing any work?
  • Are you using any time?

Zone 2: Do it better and faster.

  • Are you understanding more and processing quicker?
  • Are you making any improvement, however small?

Zone 3: Do it reliably well.

  • Are you improving consistency?
  • Are you creating more confidence?

Zone 4: Do it better than most.

  • Are you pushing past average?
  • Are you using your advantage?

Embrace the chase. Do the work.

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