Own Your Flaws, Because They’re Real

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Brian Kight

No one thinks you’re flawless. Not one person. Everyone you interact with more than a few times has experienced something from you that wasn’t ideal, maybe even downright annoying. That’s not a judgment of you or even a criticism. It’s just a consequence of our own inherent imperfections as people and the differences between us.

So no, nobody thinks you’re flawless.

Also, nobody expects you to be.

What people expect is for you to be aware of and responsible for yourself, including your habits that can push other people’s buttons and your choices that can cause problems.

When people experience some of your “flaws”, what they really want to know is:

  • Are you aware of it or is it a blind spot for you?
  • Do you understand and appreciate the real life impact it has?
  • Aware or not, what will you do moving forward?

You don’t have to acknowledge your flaws publicly or to anyone else. That doesn’t mean other people don’t see them, feel them, and experience them. More often than not, they do.

If you’re willing to acknowledge and own your flaws within yourself, there is nothing to fear or hide from others or defend yourself against. You are fantastic, you are full of possibilities, and you are flawed. Don’t hide from any of it. Own it all and keep building, keep growing into a better, more authentic version of yourself.

That is the kind of person everyone wants to experience, flaws and all.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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